That’s Amore

That’s Amore!


What does Love mean to You? By Mary Brook

(In Napoli where love is king and when boy meets girl here’s what they say)

Dean Martin

When you pick a life partner the words “I Love You” have different meanings for each of you. Love isn’t always easy and many times it’s tough. But as time goes by love changes and evolves. It takes you in different directions, challenges your determination and makes you stop to think about what love really means. What type of love do you need for a full and meaningful life? Your love language may not have the same meaning to your life partner and understanding your partner’s love language is paramount to creating a long- lasting relationship.

Love can only take you so far until you realize as the years go by love can look and feel different. Love is different at every age, according to my daughter who is in her 30’s, Love is “a period of time when you change how you think, you start from the I then change to the we.” Your love grows to include a life partner and children. After 38 years of marriage to the same person this is what I’ve learned about love.

My husband and I don’t talk the same love language but what keep us together is more than love. When time passes and love gets blurred our values shine through the gray area of love and help us focus on what is important in life at the present

time and in the future.

Our support and appreciation of each other’s strengths and weaknesses are the glue that bind us together. When times get tough we are there for each other. We let go of the small stuff and forgive the big stuff. The respect and encouragement of our separate life goals as well as our goals together and working towards those goals work for us.

Audrey Van Petegam, contributor to The HuffPost, 2/13/14 talks about the book, The Five Languages of Love, by Gary Chapman,” The Secret to Love That Lasts”, 5 Languages of Love. “The premise of the book is that we all feel and know that we are loved by how people relate to us. There are five love languages that we can fall under that make us feel truly loved. They are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Personal Touch. We, of course, will fall into more than one category but one will resonate more than the others.”

Finding the right language is the key to helping a person feel loved. Love is not just for a spouse, partner or lover. There are other relationships that are filled with love, like love for a parent, girlfriend or child. ”
During this month of love stop and ask your friends and family what does love mean to them. You will be amazed at the different answers.

These are some of definitions of love from my co-workers, friends and family.

Joseph, “Truly loving someone means that their happiness and well being are just as important to you as your own.”

Ghita-“Love our Dreams”

Dalia- “Love is fulfilling, a journey and the key to life. If you have love you have it all.”

Jackie- “ Love is family, my daughter is the love of my life”
Bruce- “That one is easy. Love is something you give to receive.” Mitch- “ Love is peace and contentment”

Luciana-“Love, to me, implies connection. I believe we all have an inherent need to build connections, whether they are connections to a person, an animal, a place, or an ideal. Loving connections define us, anchor us, nurture, and sustain us. A person without love wanders in eternal search for his own soul.

And love is fluid, changes with us as we grow older, changes with time and distance. The fluidity of it makes every loving relationship even more precious and deserving of attention — although love is so strong that even a long forgotten and neglected love can be brought back to life within an instant, like a candle that lights itself back up again after it’s been blown off. Love keeps us out of darkness.”

Mary- “ Love is a feeling that brings passion to everyday life. It’s not a fleeting moment but a deep internal drive that keeps you moving forward.”

Love is: a physical attachment, someone’s inner beauty, closeness between family, friends and people, love is life and life is everything.