Honoring 30 Years of Care

Honoring 30 years of Caring!

Lupe Vargas embodies the values and principles that provides a higher standard of care at Alexander Gardens Assisted Living. She has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant, at the Alexander Gardens community for the past 30 years. When she started at Alexander Gardens, Ronald Regan was President and a gallon of gas was 97cents. The Average Cost of new house $120,000.00, Average Income per year $27,450, Average Monthly Rent $420.00, Average Price for new car $15,350.00.

Things have changed since 1989, but Lupe remains steadfast in her loyalty and dedication to the Alexander Garden’s residents. Her responsibilities reach beyond the residents as she helps train new caregivers to the gold standard of lifestyle at Alexander Gardens. Lupe always arrives to work on time and ready to begin the day with positive energy. She is a support for the staff and families in times of need.

Lupe’s presence is felt throughout the community and can be seen in her Flora arrangements. The residents and staff enjoy the beautiful flowers each week and appreciate her arrangements in the offices and main living areas of the house.

Her attention to detail is felt in the resident’s room. When she makes a bed she you know Lupe has made it. It would pass with flying colors any class A inspection. As she hangs her resident’s clothing she takes her time and handles with care. She always wears her name badge and is dressed professionally at all times. Her integrity is a role model for others. Her talents and efforts help others achieve excellence throughout the community. The residents appreciate her as well as the staff and families.

In addition to her Alexander Gardens family, Lupe takes care of her family, a husband of 30 years, two grown sons and a teenage son, and grandchildren. She shares her love with all the residents.

Lupe’s vision for the residents is “nothing is impossible.” “ I want everyone to look nice and feel good about themselves.” Lupe gives her best with loving care in every aspect of their lives. Thank you, Lupe, for your 30 years of caring!