Celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Everyday Life at Alexander Gardens Assisted Living |Creating Wellness in the Assisted Living Community

Group of old friends and family celebrating senior man 80 birthday party in retirement home. Happy elderly people having fun. Grandfather blowing candles on cake.

Alexander Gardens plays an important role with all residents especially those seniors who do not have family nearby. Celebrating their birthday is significant in creating feelings of fellowship and support for the resident. It may be the only day of the year the resident feels special. But not every day is a birthday or anniversary so celebrating everyday life is part of a healthy happy lifestyle.

There are several noteworthy reasons to celebrate everyday living in an assisted living community. Celebrations provide an opportunity for singing, laughter and sharing positive feelings. It creates a warm social environment for all involved. Families, staff and residents feel the positive effect from honoring each day or whatever the moment brings. Coming together for a common event also reinforces the bond of socialization with each other.

In her blog Why You Should Celebrate Everything/Make a toast to the weekend, or just a great side dish | Posted Dec 02, 2015,  Author Polly Campbell, host of the Polly Campbell, Simply Said podcast talks about ways we can find happiness and wellness in everyday life. Finding happiness in simple things like opening the cupboard and finding a jar of your favorite jam that was hiding behind a can of beans can be a cause to celebrate. She also talks about personal growth and spiritual development in our busy lives in her books and blogs  How to Live an Awesome Life and Imperfect Spirituality. Her subjects explore useful practical ways to bring joy to our daily occurrences.  Read now.

As we age special moments in our life give us time to pause and take our minds off our daily challenges. Residents suffering from physical pain or depression benefit from the positive experience of a celebration providing welcome relief from their symptoms.

According to social psychology researcher Fred Bryant, “when we stop to savor the good stuff, we buffer ourselves against the bad and build resilience—and even mini-celebrations can plump up the positive emotions which make it easier to manage daily stress.”

The importance of celebrating life is simple. When we come together to share a positive feeling about a common event in the company of others it gives us strength. Looking forward to events in our daily lives keeps our minds focused on the present. A celebration isn’t just about the party, it’s about sharing and caring about those around us honoring their presence in our lives.

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